The HR department of any organization plays a crucial role in its building. The human resources professionals are responsible for recruiting the best talent for the organization’s growth. To do so, there are specific skills that these generalists must have. If you are looking for a role in HR, here are the top 3 skills you must acquire.

1. Good Communication Skills: The ability to communicate well with the aspirants, stakeholders, and employees is a skill that every HR generalist must possess. Whether it’s for job postings on social media platforms or speaking in person, an HR professional must communicate well as they act as the point of contact between the employees and the business. 

2. Onboarding Skills: HR professionals must know how to converse and interview aspirants. They must also have good listening and negotiating prowess to recruit the right individuals for the growth of the organization. 

3. Good at Managing & Performing Administrative: Along with recruiting, administrative tasks also form an essential part of human resources duties. These tasks entail everything, from employee attendance to payroll maintenance. Good knowledge of word-processing and spreadsheet tools is a must too! 

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