Winter is here, and it’s too cold outside! You need to up your layering game and get those hats and scarves out to keep yourself warm! Since the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended yet and the new variant is making waves across the globe, we suggest you stay safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wear a mask every time you step out of the house. Also, don’t forget to follow these trends to fight the virus in style! 

1. Cardigans: Cardigans have made a huge comeback this season. Longline, rib-knit, fuzzy, or textured, you can wear any cardigan that makes you feel good and warm. After all, they are a hit trend this winter. 

2. Cropped Sweater Vests: Gen-Z folks love cropped things! You can spot many influencers donning cropped sweater vests over loose shirts to beat the cold. 

3. Stockings/Tights: Stockings are a range this season. Fashion gurus can be seen wearing stockings of all kinds to make a style statement. 

4. Chunky Platform Boots: Heeled or flat, chunky platform boots are all around this winter. Wear them with your favorite tights or jeans and a bomber jacket to turn heads as you step out. 

5. Cropped Gilets: Just like cropped sweater vests, cropped gilets are also in this season. Wear over a sweatshirt for maximum warmth. 

6. Wide-Leg Jeans: Wide-leg jeans are ruling 2021! You’ve worn them in summer, continuing doing so in winters as well. Pair with your favorite cardigan, sneakers, and a baguette bag to strut in style. 

7. Teddy Jackets/Sweaters: Warming, soft teddy sweaters and jackets have made a comeback for all the right reasons! It’s perfect for helping you beat the cold. 

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