In the 21st century, technology rules every industry. It plays an essential role in the life of every human being. From youngsters to the elderly, everybody has adopted technology to make their lifestyle easier and better. Therefore, technology has impacted us well and affected our lifestyle and environment.

We understand that every discovery brings its positive and negative sides, so it also depends on how we adopt technology in our lives.

As we have seen in the last two years, a biological virus has impacted the whole world and forced us to stay at home. This biological weapon has created a distance between our loved ones and us. And this was the moment for us to realize that technology has played an essential role in our life and made it easy for us.

Education is the key to success for everyone, and it was blocked entirely in this pandemic. But technology played an important role and made this happen for everyone. Students are connected digitally with schools, universities, institutes, and other education centers. In this crucial time, technology helped us get back on track and didn’t let us down. Electronic gadgets and the internet ruled the world and enabled the education system to grow and interact digitally.

Different kinds of gadgets allowed students and their educational institutes to take the classes online, helping them schedule the assignments digitally and structure the education system on the internet.

Nowadays, students like to spend time on devices, and surprisingly technology has created a fun learning system to motivate students while learning. As we know, everybody gets engaged with technology and gadgets quickly; they spend a lot of time on them. Moreover, the interactive classrooms, quizzes, and other tests help them to sharpen their memory.

If we adopt technology in a good way, it will help us make our lives better. And if we make it our habit, then it will impact our health and ecosystem as well. So we need to decide the proper usage of technology and make our lives easier and happier.

Students are the world’s future, and they have to focus on both technology and the environment. So, they must make their choices wisely.

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