It’s International Women’s Day! It’s a day to get inspired and inspire others. What better way to find inspiration than to get acquainted with the world’s top 5 Richest Self-Made Women? Let’s begin! 

1. Diane Hendricks: She is the chairman and chairman of ABC Supply. She runs one of America’s largest wholesale distributors of siding, roofing, and windows. Her company now has around 800 branch locations, and her net worth is $11B as of 8th March 2022 (according to Forbes).

2. Judy Faulkner: Number second on the list is the founder and CEO of Epic Systems, a renowned medical-record software provider in the United States. As of 8th March 2022, her net worth is $6.5B (Forbes).

3. Meg Whitman: With a net worth of $6.3B (according to Forbes), Meg Whitman is the CEO of Qubi. She was HP’s CEO from 2011 to 2015. 

4. Judy Love: 84-year old Love has a net worth of $5.2B (according to Forbes). Her source of wealth is retail gas and stations. 

5. Marian Ilitch: Ilitch’s current net worth is $4.4B (Forbes). She and her husband co-founded Little Caesars Pizza in 1959, which is now responsible for more than $4 billion yearly sales. 

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