Artificial Intelligence or AI is beneficial for almost every industry. And education is no exception. As online learning becomes the new normal, AI can further help revolutionize the world of education. Here are some fascinating benefits of AI in education. 

Automates Tasks: Artificial Intelligence in education helps automate everyday time-taking administrative tasks. This way, teachers can focus on teaching instead of performing tasks such as creating and maintaining progress reports, collating lecture resources, etc. Software enabled with AI will help take care of all such tasks. 

Offers Personalized Learning: Educators can provide personalized learning by providing unique access to every learner. Every student can access the different resources based on their progress. 

Access Anywhere, Anytime: Unlike classroom learning, learners can access AI-powered solutions anywhere, anytime. They can go through recorded lectures or engage in brain teasers to learn. They are no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom. 

Updated Content for the Modern Learners: Rote learning is not meant for all students. Modern technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc., help students learn by doing, which allows them to retain knowledge for a longer time. 

Analyze Performances and Make Changes: An AI-enabled solution helps teachers view and analyze each student’s performance and make amendments wherever required. 

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