Happy Holidays! Not planning to travel this year amid the pandemic fear? Well, you can have a fun time at home too! Celebrate this new year’s eve by watching some holiday favorites with your loved ones and enjoy. Don’t know where to start? The list below will help you out! Take a look. 

1. New Year’s Eve: The name says it all. The film features an ensemble cast. You will get to see popular names such as Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Hilary Swank, and Sarah Jessica Parker. If you love romantic comedies and love stories, you must watch this one! 

2. The Holiday: Another holiday classic, this movie is a story of two heartbroken women who decide to switch homes during the holiday season. Both Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet played their roles outstandingly, as always. 

3. Sleepless in Seattle: A 90s movie, Sleepless in Seattle is based around the time from Christmas Eve to Valentine’s day. The chemistry of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan makes this film even more lovable. 

4. Holidate: A Netflix original movie, Holidate stars Emma Roberts. She plays the role of a forever single woman named Sloane Benson, who hates the holiday season. Find out why by watching this movie on new year’s eve. 

5. Home Alone: How can we miss this classic? Be it Christmas or new year’s eve, the holiday season is not complete without watching this comedy. So, why miss this time? 

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