Love makeup but don’t know where to start? If online makeup tutorials confuse you and make it difficult to choose the right products, this blog will help you out. Don’t just buy everything and anything. Instead, pick some must-have items to make your basics strong. Go through the list below to get started. 

1. A Good Quality Face Primer: A primer is the base of your makeup. Hence, it becomes critical that you invest in a good one. Choose one that is lightweight and suitable for your skin. You can also test one before buying. 

2. A Foundation that Matches your Skin Tone: Do not make the mistake of purchasing a foundation that does not match your skin tone. Go to a store and do a patch test. Buy the one that looks good on your skin. 

3. Concealer: If you have marks on your skin, this product will help you conceal them. After all, its name is concealer! Go for one shade lighter for the best results.  

4. Eye Liner: Liquid, or stick, choose the one that you can use easily. A must-have for all makeup lovers! 

5. Blush: Get rosy or peachy cheeks by applying some blush on your face. Remember that moderation is the key here!  

6. Contour Stick: A contour stick will give dimension to your face. Pro-tip, don’t choose one that is way darker than your face, or it’ll look too fake.

7. Highlighter: Done with concealing? Now, it’s time to use a highlighter to steal the show. 

8. Eye Shadow Palette: Beautify your eyes with your favorite eye shadow.  

9. Lipstick: Choose any color that you like. Nudes and neutrals are trending this season!

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