COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and completely changed our lives. Most of us have been quarantined to stop the virus from spreading and to be honest, living like this isn’t easy. Staying at home 24*7 not only bores you but it can also adversely affect your productivity and skillset. But, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of the quarantine lie. And here we’ll be sharing 7 of them. Read through to find out!

Write your Heart Out!

Doing nothing can make you overthink, and this may further lead to unnecessary stress. So, why don’t you just write your thoughts and everything that’s going on in your head? You can write about the whole experience of the current trauma the world is going through and how you feel about it. Create a journal or a memoir, maybe. Start slow, and gradually your pace will increase.

Enroll in an Online Course

So, you have always wanted to learn something new, but ignorance is bliss! Make the most of this time at home and enroll in an online course. It could be a new language, website development, social media marketing, or data science. There are several websites out there that provide very effective online courses. While most of these are paid, some of them are free as well! Some popular ones are Udemy, Coursera, upGrad, Khan Academy, Udacity, etc.

A Part-time Job

Time is precious, use it wisely! And if you are someone who believes in a routine and organized lifestyle, then doing a part-time job from home is the best option for you. It could be anything, right from graphic designing to online tutoring, writing, coding, website designing, or digital marketing! You can find work from various websites such as Upwork, indeed, Fiverr, etc.

Get Certification!

Instead of wasting time procrastinating and doing nothing, how about getting a certification in a skill you already have? A certificate in a particular skill can help you land a job or at least act as a catalyst in doing so. Right from coding, to Google Analytics, you can get a certification in several skill sets and courses. Some leading names are Coursera, Thinkific, International Business Management Institute, Harvard Business School Online, etc. 

Try Soap-Making

So, you have enrolled in an online course but still have all the time in the world? Well, how about trying soap-making? It hardly takes 2 to 3 ingredients to make soap- a soap base, an essential oil, and some natural color. If you don’t have a soap base, you can also experiment with a gel-based soap at your home. Also, you have the liberty to be as creative as you can.

Sketching is Fun!

Whether you already know how to sketch or have always wanted to draw your favorite anime character, this is the right time to do it! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that helps you learn to sketch from the very beginning. You can learn how to create good faces, eyes, hands, nose, and a lot more! Don’t forget to flaunt it on your Instagram profile once done.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you are good at something, why don’t share it with the world? You could be good at makeup, a fine singer, or a whimsical dancer. Show the world what you’ve got and become a YouTuber. Nothing is difficult until you try. You can begin with filming a video with your phone and with growing success, start recording and editing like a pro.

Some other exciting hobbies you can pursue are calligraphy, learn to play a musical instrument, cooking, gardening, etc. All you need to have is a little enthusiasm and your quarantine period will become more fruitful than ever.

Stay home, stay safe. #FightAgainstCoronavirus

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