Fashion is an essential part of our life. Explained in a few words, we experience tints of fashion in our daily life. Be it chic looking tracksuit or quirky trends showcased on-ramps, everything is fashion. In short, fashion and you are inseparable and that is why following the current trend is important.

Some might say that they don’t care about it but your fashion style says a lot about you. For example, have you ever wondered why wearing formals to an interview is important or why female actors across the globe pick the most stylish looking gowns for events and award functions? That is because your fashion trends speak for you and that is why it is crucial to look your best all the time.

In fact, fashion and us are inseparable in today’s time and the credit for the same goes to global icons, film actors, social media influencers and even politicians. Even if you don’t follow the current trend, your fashion becomes your own signature style. So, it won’t be wrong to say that your fashion is that thing which tells your story and explains your personality.

Fashion: Past, Present, and Future

While it is arguable as to when and why fashion was introduced on earth, if you go through the history of fashion and style, you would know that it came into being back in 1805, which is a few million years ago. In 1805 only, the mechanical loom was patented in the Lyon region of France by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

His fashion and technology ideas were then backed by Napoleon Bonaparte who helped Jacquard create a loom that used just a punch card to remember the fabric designs. Even though it was not one of the best efforts made in the industry but it certainly was one of the biggest. In fact, the loom he created was considered one of the first computers of the historians as well.

Moving to the current situation, it won’t be wrong to say that fashion and women are inextricable. In fact, not just women but men also keep experimenting with fashion and the best example of it would be Bollywood actors like Ranveer Singh, Rajkummar Rao, Shahid Kapoor and others who keep experimenting and keep giving us fashion goals. If not entirely, tints of fashion reflects in the personality of each one of our B-town celebs.

While the fashion games of celebs were never this strong in the past, common people are also becoming fashion influencers via social media. And if the situation of fashion and lifestyle remain like this then future certainly holds all things stylish in store for mankind.  

Why is fashion important?

The relation between fashion and us is as old as the origin of mankind. It is constantly present in our life and comes to special use when there is a special occasion. The outfit that you select before stepping out of the house not just covers your body but it also tells your story. In short, it is a tool that is used for self-expression.

Another reason why it is important is that your fashion style helps you feel and stay confident. You will always feel a little more positive and happier if people compliment you for looking great. Not just that, looking great uplifts your mood too and leave a positive impression of you on others.

Fashion has become so important for us that we have got so many designers and stylists too who can help you tell what are the latest fashion trends. Social media influencers also play a major role in that. They post different pics of their unique statements that help us understand style and bridge the gap between fashion and you.

Fashion and Women

Even though men are also experimenting much with fashion, there is no denying that fashion and women go hand in hand. Right from singers and actors to a regular person, it’s become an unextractable part of our life and for some, it’s become their profession too. Celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have taken fashion to a whole new level with their effortless style and have made us believe that with a little effort and knowledge of fashion and style, we all can look great.

It is often asked why are smiles always in fashion? Well, it is right that smile can make you look the prettiest but with correct fashion and lifestyle, you can look chicest too. Gone are the days when fashion and technology was just for the elite class. These days, even with a little knowledge of fashion and affordable outfit choices, you can ace any look with great panache just like celebrities.

How fashion differentiates you from others?

Have you noticed that ace fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has a certain style? All his designs and outfits have his signature touch and that is why, even though the designs are completely different, just a look at them will tell you that it is his. Well, while he is a fashion designer who designs for others, you should do something like that for yourself too.

Since fashion and us go hand in hand, make sure that your style differentiates you from others as it helps you in standing out. Be it formals, casuals or even your look for a slumber party, you should ensure that your fashion ideas are unique. A person’s fashion style makes them look exceptional as it impacts your entire personality and tells a lot about you to other people.

No matter a person follows the latest fashion trends or not, whatever you sport is your personal fashion and defines you perfectly. For instance, can you imagine an athlete wearing a sari and going for a jog? No, and that is why fashion and you are inseparable because even if you feel you are not fashionable enough, your style, no matter how good or bad it is, makes you unique.

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