Traveling is fun! But, a few mistakes can turn your trip into a nightmare. While planning to go on your next trip, we want you to go through these 5 common travel mistakes you should avoid.


Chances are very high that you will make this mistake even after reading this blog! It is obvious that you should travel light, but do you do it? Guess not! Overpacking is one of the most common travel mistakes most people make. Essentials should never be ignored, but there is no point in carrying items that you will not use in your journey. Opt for those clothing pieces that you can wear more than once. You can choose colors that won’t get dirty soon.

Also, keep in mind the weather of the place you are traveling to and the time you’ll spend there. Here’s one trick to help you not to overpack. Gather all the things that you’ll need in your journey, then try removing half of it.

Carrying Precious Items and Valuables

Traveling is about exploring the beauty and culture of a place. There’s no point in flashing your valuables and garnering unnecessary attention. And, an expensive watch or precious jewelry has the tendency to catch the attention of pickpockets. Hence, you must avoid carrying such pieces. It’s not just the danger of theft, but you may lose these things while traveling or even forget in the hotel room.

We agree valuables such as credit cards and cash has to be with you, but you should be mindful of how to carry these. We’d suggest wearing a bum bag or outerwear with lots of zip pockets where you can keep all those cards and cash.

A Way Too Ambitious Itinerary

7 countries in 7 days! This thing may sound tempting in the first place but try to be a little realistic. Is it even possible to explore all the great sites of a country in just one day? Also, what’s the point of traveling if you can’t even enjoy that place. You can aim for one or two areas at a time and build a realistic itinerary accordingly. You’d want to enjoy and have a good time there and not just rush here and there to catch up on everything. Bask in the ambiance of that place and make memories you’ll want to cherish forever.

No Knowledge of the Local Culture and Common Phrases

We are not asking you to deep dive into the culture of that place or learn the language overnight. Instead, we are hoping you could go through that country or city’s economic and political state. Check out some latest news and happenings of that place and look for things that are banned or considered illegal. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up in jail.

Learning some common local phrases will make your trip better and easier. You can learn how to say hi, thank you, how are you, etc. that will help you and will also leave a good mark on the local people. Apps and services like Google Translate or DuoLingo can help you in the process.

Not Selecting the Correct Phone Plan

You arrive at the airport and want to call the hotel for the cab you booked. Unfortunately, you don’t have an international plan to make calls. What would you do? To keep such situations at bay, consider choosing the right plan beforehand. Do not rely on the hotel or airport wifi. You can also buy or order a SIM card to avoid any mishap.

So, the next time you decide to go on a trip, try not to make these common travel mistakes. Happy traveling!

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