Olympics or Summer Olympics are undeniably the biggest multi-sports event in the world. Almost every nation participates in the Olympics with the spirit to win the most medals. Started in 1896, the Olympics are held once every 4 years. Presenting some exciting facts about the Olympics. Take a look!

  • Everybody wants the gold! But, do you know the gold medals at the Olympics are not made of pure gold! Yes, you heard it right.
  • You’ll be shocked to know that live pigeons were actually used in the Summer Olympics of 1900 in archery.
  • How long can a wrestling match at the Olympics last? The longest one lasted for more than 10 hours.
  • Do athletes get suspended at the Olympics? Yes, they do! The first-ever athlete got suspended because of alcohol consumption.
  • At the 1920 Olympics, the Olympic flag was flown for the very first time.
  • While the winners today get awarded medals, the ancient ones were honored with an olive wreath.

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