Just like most industries, the world of healthcare also leverages the power of barcode technology for smooth functioning. From verifying medication authenticity to better inventory management, here are the uses of barcodes in healthcare. 

Checking the Authenticity of Medications: Find out which medication is authentic and which is not by scanning the DataMatrix codes printed on its label. By using a barcode scanner app, you can track the authenticity of the medication anytime on the go. 

Verify Patient Identity: Going through printed records to verify patient identity is a lengthy procedure. Avoid the hassle by scanning the barcode on the patient bands and accessing all the required data. 

Smooth Inventory Management: Implement a robust barcode-based inventory management system into your healthcare facility to save costs and access data in real-time. Say goodbye to the struggles of facing out-of-stocks, shrinkage, and errors by using barcode technology. 

Quickly Track and Trace Specimens: Barcode technology helps healthcare workers track and trace specimens to their origins. All you need is a barcode scanner app on your mobile device. 

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