The new variant of Covid-19 is making waves all around the world. Hence, the risk has again increased. You cannot compromise with your health and safety measures if you don’t want to fall prey to the virus. While the new year’s just a few days away and you plan to travel, keep in mind the following tips to stay safe. 

Get Vaccinated: Most countries have made Covid-19 Vaccine passports mandatory for travelers. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, getting vaccinated is something you must do. 

Check Travel Guidelines before you Plan a Trip: Every place has its own guidelines. Do research and check the do’s and don’t’s of that place. Find out whether test reports are mandatory and what else you need to carry to visit that location. 

Wear a Mask: Masks are here to stay. Do not forget to wear a mask while traveling. In fact, you must wear a mask as you step outside the house. 

Wash Hands and Maintain Good Hygiene: Avoid touching things here and there. When you do, do not forget to wash your hands. Also, keep an alcohol-based sanitizer always with you! 

Practice Social Distancing: Traveling is fun. Still, it’s best to travel to less crowded places. Social distancing is the need of the hour! 

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