2021 is about to end. As we bid farewell to this year, let’s say goodbye to all the bad habits as well. Since we stay surrounded by uncertainties, keeping the best care of our health should be our priority. A little effort will help us to do so. 

As you step into the new year, don’t forget to adopt these healthy habits to stay safe and happy. 

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise: Whether you are a night owl or not, stop going to bed late in the coming year. It has been scientifically proven that going to bed early and rising early in the morning is good for health, making you more productive. 

2. No More Sedentary Lifestyle: The ongoing pandemic has forced most of us to work from home, which has made our lifestyle more sedentary than ever. Break this pattern and start going for short walks every 1 to 2 hours. 

3. Lower your Screen Time: As difficult it sounds, we must lower our daily screen time. Make smaller goals, try to decrease it by 1 hour every day, and you’ll reach your final goal in no time. 

4. Read Books: One good way to lower your screen time is by reading books in printed format. Start with any of your favorite writers or genre. 

5. Drink Water: Cliché much? No matter how often you may hear this, drinking water is crucial for your good health. Bonus tip, drink a glass of lukewarm water as you wake up in the morning to feel energized. 

6. Make your Bed Before your Sleep: As you decide to sleep early, don’t forget to make your bed before falling asleep. It will help you sleep better and is essential for good hygiene. 

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